The Day That Britain Used Chemical Weapons on Its Own People

After yesterday’s debate in Parliament ending in defeat for Cameron our mainstream news has been full of Tory-led scaremongering rhetoric about how Britain has ‘let down’ America and the people of Syria. This fit of pique by the Tories relies on the moral argument that the use of chemical weapons is morally unacceptable – something its hard to disagree with – and is designed to make us believe that the only solution is to send bombs into Syria to ‘punish’ Assad. What we;re encouraged to forget are the countless instances throughout the history of Western wars of our own use of chemicals as a weapon. Churchill once stated that he couldn’t understand the squeamishness at the use of poison gas . And as this excellent blogpost shows, our government has been developing and testing biological and chemical weapons at Porton Down since the 1950’s. Its clear that the moralising is propaganda intended to whip up public support for a military intervention whose purpose has nothing to do with humanitarian concerns whatsoever. We should never trust our so-called world leaders to tell us the truth – we should seek it for ourselves and this blog is a good place to start.

Friends of Syria

The hypocrisy of Cameron and Hague accusing Assad for using chemical weapons on his own people, when Britain thinks nothing of using chemical weapons on their own people. How soon they forget.

Strange how all the bodies of the Damascus so called attack have not surfaced yet. We are now being told the bodies have been taken to Jordan. Why would the so called victims, which didn’t go to a regular hospital all of a sudden be sent to Jordan? You would think they would be used as proof of the chemical attack and not hidden away. So Obama’s evidence hinges on an Al Qaeda film of what happened.

The following films show how Britain used chemical weapons on its own people without their knowledge.

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6 thoughts on “The Day That Britain Used Chemical Weapons on Its Own People

  1. beetleypete

    Double-dealing and lies are meat and drink to governments, whatever their party. We invented Concentration Camps (Boer War) yet condemn their use by others. Porton Down leads the world in the development of biological and chemical weapons, yet we decry their use. America used chemicals extensively against the Vietnamese, now seeks to justify intervention in Syria by stopping their use. It never ends Sue, the lies never end. Regards as always, Pete.

  2. beastrabban

    As I recall, Churchill ordered the use of poison gas against the Kurds in Iraq when it was under our control as Mesopotamia. The gas used was intended to stun them and render them unconscious, rather than kill. Nevertheless, Churchill was certainly not squeamish about using such chemical weapons.

    As for what little people like you, Beetleypete, and the rest of us can do to stop it, on our own, very little. But together we can act to make some kind of difference. Simply by putting an alternative view across might make a few more people stop and think twice before supporting the Coalition and its henchmen.

  3. beetleypete

    Beast makes a fair point about collective action. Times may have changed, and there is unlikely to be the type of revolutionary demonstration we saw in the past. We have to keep talking, keep writing, expressing the alternative to the hype, and showing those in power that we have simply had enough. I was amazed that Cameron lost that vote, yet cheered by the possibility that the voices of ordinary people were beginning to be heard.
    One brick at a time, that’s how you build a new future Sue.
    Regards, Pete.

  4. beastrabban

    Thanks, Beetleypete. And keep up the good work blogging, Sue. A single individual can only do so much, but nevertheless, it’s important we keep on trying. And together we just might make some difference.

    1. sparaszczukster Post author

      Thanks, both of you. All we’ve got left are our voices and if this so-called lobbying bill goes through even that will be curtailed and we’ll be reduced to whispering in corners. If it becomes law I think we have to make a stand and refuse to shut up.


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