The March 19th Chemical Attack In Aleppo: An Investigation We Didn’t Hear About On The BBC

In the video below Russian spokesman Vitaly I Churkin is reporting on the findings of a Russian investigation into the chemical attack in  Khan al-Asal on the outskirts of Aleppo on March 19th, 2013 at a UN Security Council press conference on July 9, 2013. Why was this not shown on BBC or Sky news channels? The Russians investigated the attack at the request of the Syrian government after the UN declined to do so. Was that because the majority of those who lost their lives in the attack were soldiers from Assad’s army?



3 thoughts on “The March 19th Chemical Attack In Aleppo: An Investigation We Didn’t Hear About On The BBC

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    This is another video that should be viewed before people make up their minds about who was truly responsible for the poison gas attack in Damascus. There are, of course, good reasons to treat Churkin’s report with suspicion. Syria is a long-standing ally of Russia. It is now the only country, or one of the very few, whose ports are open to the Russian fleet, and so access to the Mediterranean. The Soviet Union was a society in which the state manipulated news and information on a scale that can still boggle the western mind. Even though Communism has fallen, under Putin Russia is still very authoritarian and the news very carefully managed. This does not, however, mean that the Russian/ Syrian findings are untrue. This should still have been screened, even in excerpt – the first three minutes would have been enough for the evening news – so that the Western public have an alternative view., before they are once again asked to send their spouses, sons and daughters to war. And we have been lied to about the Iraq War. As the slogan says, ‘Blair lied – people died’. This needs to be seen before we decide who’s lying now. My guess is that it wasn’t, and won’t be shown on British TV – Beeb or Sky – anytime soon as the decision to attack Syria has already been made.

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