I’m a 63 year old working class woman born in Oldham, Lancashire and now living in a council house in Bolton, Greater Manchester.

I’ve done many jobs in my life, laboratory technician, sales clerk,  registered nurse, part time university lecturer and social  researcher, advocate for people making complaints against the NHS, investigator for the IPCC  and now I’m semi-retired due to disability. I currently support another disabled person in work – a blind man who lectures in Organisational Behaviour at a nearby University.

I’ve been appalled at the way this current coalition government have attacked our health and welfare system. In three short years they’ve caused more misery, poverty and desperation than any previous government I can remember – even Thatcher’s and that’s saying something!

I firmly believe our NHS is now in very grave danger of being taken over, not just by private interests in this country but by international corporate interests and private equity companies. They will exploit it purely for a quick profit and the Tories are deeply implicated through their own personal, private connections, in handing over an NHS that has served me well (it saved my life) and that has been long fought for by caring and dedicated professionals. The appointment of Nick Seddon, former deputy director of the right wing think tank Reform and a former executive of private health company Circle, as Cameron’s health advisor does not suggest that the NHS is safe in Tory hands.

I predict that immigration will become a hot topic as the beleaguered Tories ramp up their election campaign for 2015. There are already sinister doings by the UKBA that should cause us great concern (see my post for 14th May, for instance).Now they are paying  controversial Australian Lynton Crosby to mastermind their campaign we can expect the kind of ‘dog whistle’ politics he employed when working for Michael Howard. The Tories are likely to play on right wing prejudices to bring back those of their flock who defected to UKIP thus actively encouraging racist feelings. Its going to get nasty.


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  1. beetleypete

    I am a similar age, and had a not dissimilar background, albeit in the South, not the North. Much of what you say resonates through the years with me, and I think this blog has excellent intentions, as well as an obvious pedigree. I also love the photo!
    Best wishes to you, Pete.

  2. beetleypete

    OK. I confess that I tried Internet solvers, but they didn’t help. The X was throwing me, so I tried including Lenin, Stalin, and Marx. After over an hour, with pen and paper, I think it can only be- ‘Marxist Leanings’. Do I get an A* ? Regards, Pete.

  3. Christine Angelson

    I am a former teacher in the US, disabled due to being critically injured at work(I broke up a fight) I am horrified to hear this story; it sounds as if your political situation there in the UK is so close to ours here, that if I changed a few key names, the blog would be assumed to originate from the US! There is, I believe, an international malaise that is coming from the brutal cuts-“austerity measures”-that have been implemented worldwide to the social security safety nets that have been in place for decades. As the obscenely wealthy top percentile cloister themselves in “gated communities”, the rest of the people are rapidly spiraling downward into a place where the struggle for personal survival blocks out all concern for others, and encourages racism, class prejudice, and resentment of anyone that might be percieved to be “abusing the system”. As people here work 2-3 part-time jobs-if they’re lucky-to make ends meet, the idea that some might be getting “an easy break” becomes intolerable. There is a lot of ignorance about “disabilityn” and many think that if you appear “able-bodied” you cannot have any type of disability. The populace needs to be awakened and unified to actively resist this “race to the bottom” encouraged by the huge multi-national megacorporations, who depend on workers getting slave wages to maintain their businesses…trade agreements, such as the TPP(trans Pacific Partnership”, which is being negotiated here in the US secretly; not even members of Congress is privy to the wording that gives sovereignity over ALL everywhere to the international corporations will lead us all to a future where we are doomed to exist as slaves, with no recourse open to us. I see David Cameron is pushing “fracking” there in the UK; it is an abomination to God and Manchester! You must push back HARD against it; it will utterly destroy your environment, and poison your water supplies. And that doesn’t even begin to address the issue of where to dispose of immensly contaminated waste products from the procedure, much of which is radioactive!

    1. sparaszczukster Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Christine. Yes, sad to say, fracking is here and there are huge protests going on right now about it. Its been brought in by the back door thanks to the business connections of our Chancellor of the Exchequer’s father in law who is a Lord and sits on the Board of one of the major companies now profiting from this abomination. What you describe about the US in terms of racism and class prejudice and resentment is the same here and I despair for our future. Cameron is about to sign the EU/US Trade Agreement which I think is the same thing you mentioned (TPP) ? Anyway it will have the same effect as far as MNCs are concerned and we will effectively be slaves to their demands. Perhaps you would consider writing a short piece about everyday life in the US for this blog? I don’t want to pressure you but if you’d like to I’d be very happy to post it. My email address is sparaszczukster@gmail.com Get in touch if this sounds like something you’d like to do.

  4. beetleypete

    I don’t know if you are still reading thses blog comments Sue, but I thought that I would let you know that you are still missed. I gave up with Vox Political. Too Blairite for me.
    Anyway, hope that you are OK. Pete.


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