DWP’s top psychologist to be investigated over fake test

This is a great story from skwawker’s blog and well worth the read. The issue of the false psychometric has been running for months and skwawker has blogged about it several times and put some hard work into bringing us the facts. You can follow the whole story on his blog. This despicable treatment of vulnerable people is being investigated thanks to blogs like skwawker’s and newspapers like the Guardian raising public awareness and refusing to accept DWP’s weak excuses and pathetic justifications for behaving like they do. Even now, when challenged by a bodies like the HCPC and the BPS they make laughable claims such as the use of the test has reduced unemployment. Its beyond me how they could possibly prove that.
Lets hope that this current investigation leads to those responsible for using this unethical ‘test’ join the long queue desperately seeking work in a country with a huge jobs deficit.


dwppSince I revealed in April that the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) and its Jobcentre Plus ‘subsidiary’ were forcing jobseekers, under the threat of sanction, to take a fake psychometric test on behalf of Downing Street’s ‘nudge unit’, the story has run on and on. The DWP denied that anyone had been forced to take the test and claimed that no one had risked losing benefits for non-compliance – and then admitted, in a bizarre Freedom of Information (FOI) response that it had done exactly that.

Meanwhile, the head of the nudge unit, David Halpern, had written a letter (jointly with creator of the ‘test’ and US psychological torture guru Martin Seligman) to the Guardian repeating the denial – which the FOI then showed to have been completely untrue. The situation caused considerable uproar among psychologists, particularly within the British Psychological Society‘s ‘Division of Occupational Psychologists

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