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Pls send this letter to your coalition MP

images (18)              At a time when more and MPs and Ministers seem to be involved in corrupt practices and apparently prepared to twist statistics to lie to us, even in the House of Commons I’ve become less and less confident in our political system as a means to represent the interests of ordinary folk. Accountability seems to have become a thing of the past. This post on skwawker’s blog is a ray of hope. If you want to hold your MP accountable and if your MP is a Conservative or a LibDem then please take the time to read this and follow skwawker’s advice. Then share this with others who might do the same.

images (20)  The more MPs we can reach the better. Its time to let them know their constituents are wide awake and watching and judging them by their actions.


There has been a big response from readers to the two recent posts (here and here) on the response of Tory MPs to questions from their constituents about the government’s blatant abuse of statistics (i.e. lies, since they continue to repeat them even after the UK Statistics Authority rebuked them and told them not to repeat the claims).

In particular, the fact that most MPs who bothered to respond had clearly simply cut and pasted their response from a Conservative Central template, as the wording was identical, and the fact that even this response completely failed to address the questions raised, caused much outrage.

I would therefore like to enlist your help to send a letter or email to every coalition MP that cuts out – or at least renders overtly embarrassing – the option of doing the same thing in response. Hopefully, the wording of this new…

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