2 thoughts on “Faking It: How the Media Manipulates the World into War

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  2. beastrabban

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    Another very important reblog from Global Research by Sparaszczukster. Many of the examples of media manipulation given in the video were familiar to me. The story about Iraqi soldiers throwing babies out of their incubators during the invasion of Kuwait was shown to be a deliberate piece of misinformation back in the 1990s. Other examples were new to me, such as British newspapers cropping photographs of a pro-Ahmedinijad rally to present it as an anti-government protest. At least two of the examples where responsibility for atrocities have been misattributed come from the BBC. Now the BBC sees itself as a responsible, British institution, trusted and beloved by the British and people the world over. Now I like the BBC, but this shows that it needs to be viewed with caution. The video concludes by considering the way increasingly more people are turning away from the traditional news media to the internet to get information. There have been protests about this already from journalists. The argument here is that internet journalism is frequently unreliable, and that it is breaking the public up into increasingly isolated communities who only get their information from sources which share their biases. Both of these criticisms are true, to a certain extent. But they are also the complaints from a media establishment, which has seen its influence and prestige as the shapers of public opinion dwindle as increasingly few people trust their news. As this video shows, this is all too often with good reason.


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