6 thoughts on “Why The US Want Regime Change In Iran: And Its NOT Because Of Nuclear Weapons

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  2. beastrabban

    Another interesting film. I think there probably will be some kind of confrontation with Iran. The country does indeed have the third largest reserves of oil in the world. Foreign investment in and ownership of Iranian industry is prohibited, and the economy is dominated by a vast state sector and the bonyads, or charitable foundations. I’ve no doubt the American military-industrial complex would also like to see these privatised and sold, or effectively given, to American corporations just as the big state companies in Iraq were sold off. There have also been reports in Private Eye that British troops have already come into contact with Iranian forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is quite apart from the Iranian regime’s extreme hostility to Israel. My guess is that some kind of strike against Iran is therefore a very real possibility.

  3. beastrabban

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    Another interesting video from Stormcloudsgathering, found by Sparaszczukster. While I certainly don’t support their call for a revolution, I do feel they’re on to something here. Iran does indeed have the world’s third largest reserves of oil. Not only do the Iranians not subscribe, and seek to undermine the petrodollar system, foreign investment in Iran and ownership of Iranian industries is strictly prohibited. Like Syria and Iraq before the American invasion, Iran’s economy is dominated by a massive state sector. The oil industry is state-owned. A vast part of the Iranian economy is also dominated by the bonyads, Muslim charitable foundations, including the ‘Foundation for the Poor’ that also owns and controls much industry. After the invasion of Iraq, the large state corporations were privatised and sold to American corporations. Given the way the Iranian state and para-state sector – the bonyads – dominate the economy and exclude foreign capital, my guess is that the American military-industry complex would also like to do the same to Iran. The Iranians are also supporting the insurgents in Iraq and the Taliban in Afghanistan. According to Private Eye, there have already been reports of contact – fighting – between British forces and Iranian troops. The Iranian regime is also militantly hostile to Israel. I suspect that these factors will lead to a strike, or escalation of tension sometime between the West, led by America, and the Iranians, and an invasion of Iran is a real possibility.

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