#Slave #Britain: Local council ‘forced’ to interrogate benefit claimants about spending #bedroomtax

A powerful account about the latest Tory assault on the poor. I’m no expert on legal matters but this sounds to me like a gross breach of the Human Rights Act i.e. the right to a private life. If they get away with this without challenge will it set a precedent and mean that anyone dependent on the state for any amount of financial support is exempt from human rights? One step closer to slavery…

Order Of Truth

EdinburghLabour and Scottish National Party-led Edinburgh Council has said it is forced to implement a policy which rejects applicants for discretionary hardship payments to help with the ‘bedroom tax’ if they spend too much on ‘luxuries’.

In an interview in Inside Housing magazine, Cammy Day, vice-convenor of the health, well-being and housing committee, told the magazine  “As a result of a policy imposed by the Conservative Party we are having to do this, otherwise our entire DHP allocation would have been spent in the first three months [of the financial year]. It is a horrible position to be in, having to make a judgement on people’s lifestyle choices.”

The council is the first in the UK to implement a policy of closely examining claimant’s expenditure. Part of the assessment process is for claimants to fill in a form detailing expenditure on satellite television, mobile phone contracts, and ‘general entertainment’. Edinburgh…

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