#Slave #Britain: Your #health for sale by the #government – for £1

What is going on? Its obvious this government holds its citizens, especially those sick and disabled, in complete contempt. Its already riding rough shod over our rights before it even attempts to scrap the Human Rights Act. I think as many of us as possible should write to the Information Commissioner expressing grave concern about this.

Order Of Truth

imageIn a highly secretive plan, the government will implement a scheme where GPs will upload confidential medical records to a central government database and sell the information to private companies for £1 – and patients don’t have to be told about it.

Under the new General Practice Extraction Service, 100 GPs will be uploading complete medical records to the database held by the Health and Social Care Information Centre as a pilot.

Although names and addresses will be omitted, the records will contain information which can be used to easily identify an individual. The patient’s NHS number, date of birth, postcode, and gender will be included, which can easily be cross-referenced with other resources (such as electoral registers) to identify who the information belongs to.

Companies who wish to access the information will pay £1 per record.

According to the health secretary, Jeremy Hunt, sharing GP records will assist universities…

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One thought on “#Slave #Britain: Your #health for sale by the #government – for £1

  1. beastrabban

    Thanks for posting this, Sparaszczukster. There were warnings about this years ago, I recall, in a book I once read about the steady encroachment on citizen’s privacy and freedom by the government. The book dealt with the way the government was keen to sell on personal information. It also dealt with the way governments were keen to amalgamate various civil service databases, like social security, tax and so on under the pretext of catching fraudsters. They tried this in Australia, and despite claims that they were investigating tens of thousands of people, in the end they only prosecuted 15, of whom only three were convicted. I’m going to have to chase the book down sometime, if only because it’s becoming increasingly relevant to Cameron’s Britain.


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