What The Hell Is Happening To Our Society?

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With each passing day, as I read and see more and more injustice and cruelty from this feeble excuse of a government, I wonder just what the hell is going on here?

Here’s a selection of video interviews by the amazing Artist Taxi Driver to make my point for me. The last one made me so angry and frankly, ashamed to be British and it reminded me of a documentary I saw online recently exposing the truth about the British monarchy. Its called Royal Babylon and I’ve included that too. Prepare to be shocked if you’re the kind of person who thinks the Queen is just a sweet old lady and Winston Churchill etc were ‘great’ British leaders…this is definitely NOT the version of British history that Michael Gove wants to ram down our kid’s throats.



4 thoughts on “What The Hell Is Happening To Our Society?

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    1. sparaszczukster Post author

      Thanks, Pete. Read your post and I couldn’t have said it better myself. The Royal Babylon film should be shown to all schoolchildren in my opinion.Instead that creep Gove will do his best to ensure they’re all brainwashed with all kinds of dangerous lies masquerading as ‘British History’. BBC sycophants like Simon Schama(have I spelt that right?) will do well out of it, no doubt, and our kids and grandkids will grow up in ignorance as usual.


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