Goodbye to all that

This fabulously written piece sums up the past decades of the Welfare State and its demise beautifully. The final paragraph about the return of the ‘old guard’ Tories captures the atmosphere of the last three years so well. It does feel to me like the velvet gloves are finally off and the iron fist of our ‘masters’ has been revealed…and they don’t care. How will this blatant class war end? How much more will the working class take before something gives? I don’t know but what I do know is that I fear for my autistic grandson’s future…what chance will he have?


Apologies to Robert Graves, for stealing his title.

After the election in 1945, the introduction of the Welfare State rightly made Britain the envy of the Developed World. Decent medical care, irrespective of income, in state owned and run hospitals, was then unknown over most of the planet. This included the newly-emerged Communist states at the time, who boasted as much, but failed to deliver. Add to this unemployment benefits at a realistic level, the birth of comprehensive education, improved working conditions and union recognition, and we should have witnessed the beginnings of Utopia.

It was a great thing though, easily overlooked in our modern consumer age, where so much is taken for granted. For the first time, the working people were offered hope, and a positive future. They were to be treated fairly, and their children would have the same chances in life, as those of the Aristocracy, and…

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