Slave Britain: Why Duncan Smith HATES YOU. #bedroomtax #benefits #cuts

Could Ian Duncan Smith be a psychopath? This brilliant description of his life history certainly makes you think…

Order Of Truth

iain-duncan-smith-image-1-760284306Every time Duncan Smith opens his mouth a tirade of hatred against the poor and vulnerable is mixed in with lame (and sometimes untrue) political arguments.

We wondered why someone who is supposed to be in charge of looking after the social and welfare interests of the population could seem so venomous. Surely, one of the things such a minister should consider is the wider social impact of government policies on the less fortunate in society – something Duncan Smith has never done.

The answer to Duncan Smiths bullying could lie in his own history, which is full of failures and aspirations which were never fulfilled.

This hateful little man displays behaviour indicative of someone who is bitter and vengeful, and sometimes he seems to be verging on clinical psychopathy. Although it is not for us to ‘diagnose’ anyone, there are some very clear indicators that there is something wrong…

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