Hoban’s letter on benefit ‘reforms’ rewrites history and the lexicon

Is there really any point in trying to engage with a government who are determined not to listen?


Back again, following last nights excellent contribution from a reader with their email to David Cameron and Treasury Minister Sajid Javid, to the theme of responses from MPs and government ministers on so-called benefit ‘reforms’.

Another reader wrote to her MP David Rutley, member for Macclesfield, asking the same questions about the government’s flagrant abuse of statistics to mislead the public. To his credit, Rutley did act on her request to take the matter up with the government.

He wrote to the Minister for Welfare Reform, Lord Freud. In a move which is entirely typical of Freud’s dismissive, contemptuous attitude to people needing benefits, Freud clearly backheeled the question, because Rutley received a reply from Mark Hoban, the Minister for Employment, who claimed to be the ‘appropriate Minister’.

This is nonsense, since benefit ‘reform’ is not merely a matter of payments to unemployed people – over 60% of people receiving…

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