The Responsible Citizens Alliance publish survey on the Coalition Minister for Disabled People Esther McVey

This post is a must-read for anyone with an ounce of concern for what this government is doing to harm disabled people…and definitely a must-read for Esther McVey.

Christopher John Ball

Disabled man using telephone from Blackburn a Town and its People (c) Christopher John BallI am becoming increasingly drawn to the aims of the Responsible Citizens Alliance; indeed I will soon be helping to create a series of short promotional films for them in way of support.

The Responsible Citizens Alliance is a ‘non-political, non-party organisation that is happy to work with all major political parties, government agencies, individuals and other non-party organisations in furtherance of our objectives. These are best described as making the UK more democratic.’

You can read more about the Alliance and its objectives at or you can follow them on twitter @ResCitAll

One of the aims of the Responsible Citizens Alliance is to have the direct election of four, non-party, cabinet Ministers to ensure equality and full representation at the heart of government. One of these four ministers includes the Minister for Disabled People; the other three being Minister’s for women, men and children. This Minister would be…

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