THE SATURDAY ESSAY: Deregulated big business alongside small government is a fantasy

I’m reblogging this because its the truth that is never spoken in mainstream media. And this guy speaks it much more eloquently than I could ever do. Please read and digest.

The Slog

You can only live that dream in your sleep

Here are some mind-boggling facts freely available for anyone to read about and then decide if we are all mad.

The total government revenue from personal tax is around 40% of GDP. So for every Pound of output we, the 52 million adult citizens of the Disunited Kingdom produce, 40 pence of it is paid to a total of around 650 MPs and and 137,000 senior civil servants. Sixty pence divided by 52 million is a lot less than 40 pence divided by 137,650.

Since 1980, despite much cutting of top rates of tax, that 40% has only come down from 44%. Since 2000, it’s been fairly constantly at that latter figure. Is there one single person in Britain who thinks we’re getting the same in service as we did in either 2000 or 1980? Because if you do, you’re wrong…

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