FOI? No, FU – no right to know even staff nos as health is privatised

This post highlights a crucially important issue. Please share this as widely as you can and if your MP is one of the LibDems mentioned please urge him to sign the Early Day Motion referred to. Its OUR NHS and we need to fight to keep it that way.


The potential consequences of this are disastrous, both in terms of the health and lives of millions of people in England and for the right of any of us to know what is being done with our money, in our name. Please read to the end and take action – and share widely.


Almost 2 years ago, the then health minister Paul Burstow made a remarkable statement to the House during written answers to health questions:

The Department has supported the right to request (R2R), which has enabled 45 staff-led social enterprises to be established as shown in the following table. This policy has supported approximately 25,000 staff to move out of the national health service into social enterprises with contracts worth roughly £900 million a list of these are also in the table.

The Department cannot provide details of individual social enterprise staff and turnover figures as they are…

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