Universal Jobmatch Shows This Government’s True Attitude To Online Safety

A must read from johnny void. He says Cameron is clueless about computers. I say Cameron and his elitist cabinets are clueless about real life. And from reading this IDS is a pimp!

the void

Universal-Jobmatch-dancerDavid Cameron’s bungled back-to-basics porn proposals show once again  that the Prime Minister – who famously thought lol meant lots of love –  is clueless when it comes to computers.  Meanwhile the Government’s flagship Universal Jobmatch website is littered with spoof, scam and sex work vacancies which could place vulnerable jobseekers at horrific risk.

His proposal of a porn opt in for all internet users may look good on paper, but it reveals a shocking lack of understanding of how the internet actually works.  This type of internet filtering is already used by mobile phone companies and has led to many websites – including this one on some networks – being blocked for containing swearing, information on sexual health or LGBT content.  Any attempt at a further block would have a chilling effect across the net. Websites funded by advertising would be hesitant to publish posts on sexual health, sexual…

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