Grandmother’s ‘bedroom tax’ protest

By quietly refusing to be intimidated by Duncan Smith’s feudal tax this brave woman is defending one of the most basic rights of human beings, the right to die in her own home, in peace. If Birmingham City Council decide to send in the bailiffs to repossess the property they will have dispossessed themselves of any claim to humanity. And we, the ordinary folk, should repossess our right to lives worth living by marching to Westminster and evicting this morally bankrupt government.

Street Democracy - where it should reach - Our Streets!

Veronica Kenning has terminal cancer and is refusing to pay her spare room subsidy

A grandmother given just months to live says she will die before she pays a penny towards the Government’s spare room subsidy as she believes it is a tax on society’s most worst-off. Veronica Kenning, 57, has been served with a notice of possession order by the council because of the arrears she owes but says “they will have to wait for me to die”.

Mrs Kenning, who lives alone in a three-bed terraced house in Shard End, Birmingham, has turned down all offers of assistance from Birmingham City Council, which sent the notice, including the chance of a discretionary payment.

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