If Unite AREN’T trying to influence MP selection, they SHOULD be

Its about time someone said what skwawker is saying very eloquently here. Every time Cameron gets up in the House of Commons and accuses Labour of ‘being in the pockets of the unions’ as if it were a heinous crime I want to smash the TV. He has the gall to say this when his excuse for a political party is bankrolled by the City and all kinds of corporate bully boys . He must have a very poor opinion of us if he thinks we’re impressed by his weasel words.


Bill Shankly, the late, great manager of Liverpool Football Club, on hearing about the introduction of a new offside rule that said a player isn’t offside unless he’s interfering with play, famously said,

If a player is not interfering with play or seeking to gain an advantage, then he should be.

A pithy Scot, Bill Shankly, with a way of cutting through BS and getting to the point. I’ve been thinking about him whenever I’ve listened to the furore on the media – and the braying of David Cameron and his cronies in the Commons – about the supposed transgression of Unite the Union in trying to influence the selection of a by-election candidate in Falkirk, and whenever I hear the Tories sneering that Labour is ‘owned by the unions’.

You see, in my opinion, if Unite (or any union) is not trying to influence which Labour candidates are selected…

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