‘Proud’ to keep the law? May’s Qatada comment speaks volumes

Here’s yet another good example of the way Tories betray their true colours through the way they use language. Just as Lord Freud demonstrates the Tories live in a world where people only do things for profit and personal gain when he said food banks were popular because they gave away free goods so Theresa May reveals how sticking to the law is not a taken for granted way of doing things in the Tory mind set but an option and something they can capitalise on as propaganda when they choose to take that option but downplay and defend when they prefer to retrospectively change the law. See more hypocrisy here http://wp.me/p3mYc5-9M


First of all, apologies for being quiet for a while. Moving house takes a lot of time and attention, and with the best intentions I failed to keep up with any form of my ‘online life’.

On Monday, Home Secretary Theresa May made a Commons statement on the finally-realised deportation of ‘hate preacher’ Abu Qatada to Jordan. Whatever your opinions on the issues, there was a comment from May that spoke volumes about the Tory worldview.

Speaking about the lengthy legal process to move Qatada out of the UK (though in the end he only left because he ‘agreed’ to), Ms May said,

We did not ignore court judgements we did not like. We did not act outside of the law. We did what was right. And for a civilised nation, that is something of which we should be immensely proud.

I wonder whether that final sentence strikes you as…

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