You supply the starving people Freud, we’ll feed them

Some very salient points made here about food price inflation and how it related to the phenomenal rise in need for food banks.
By the way, Lord Freud and members of his family have set up a charity called the JECDA Foundation which professes to exist for ‘the alleviation of poverty’. It has assests of around 1.7 million but doesn’t seem to be spending much on good works. Must be a tax avoidance exercise. If so the noble Baron is even more callous than I thought.

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Lord Freud shocked a hell of a lot of people on Monday when he claimed there was no causal link between rising poverty and an increase in the use of food banks to 500,000 people (at least – some think the true number is already higher). He claimed the rise in the use of food banks is a simple matter of supply and demand ie. if you open food banks people will use them, regardless of financial need. The sheer audacity of denying that the UK could go from having 250,000 food bank users in early December 2012 to 500,000 now without the actions of Government having any impact on those people to cause them to need food banks is breathtaking.

Lord Freud’s claim is ridiculous on many levels but the first is that it ignores how food banks operate. I couldn’t just stroll up to a food bank in…

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