How to get rid of the bedroom tax overnight

This seems like an ingenious idea to me not least because the Tories are constantly pushing the private sector down our throats as THE most efficient, effective blah blah blah. So it would be hard for them to criticise social landlords for using a private model for letting their properties. They’d have to argue against their own ideology. I fear though that they might retaliate by cutting entitlement to HB by some other means.
And while I agree that social landords tend towards the conservative in temperament a lot of them have been mightily pissed off with Freud and co recently. Maybe if this plan was presented to them in the right way they’d see its merits. Anyway, this is a great article and well worth a read. I’d be interested to know if any readers can see any flaws in the logic that I’ve missed. It looks perfect to me…


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