Tory all-out war on the NHS (but blink and you might miss it!)

Thanks to skwawker for this timely reminder of just how determined the Tories are to dismantle OUR health services . His account of his wife’s experiences as a nurse ring true with my own and its good to hear a nurse’s perspective – something that’s been woefully lacking in the Tory inspired media campaign. If , like me, you’re sick of hearing all the bad news stories about the NHS you can read about how often our healthcare professionals get it right here



I’m hard-pressed to know how to start this post without sounding melodramatic. Ah, screw it – I’m just going to tell it how I see it. In the last week, after a long stealth-campaign against it, the Tories declared all-out war – in a carefully managed way, of course – on the NHS.

But if you blinked, you might be excused for missing it. Nobody in the mainstream media is drawing much attention to it. Even the better papers, such as The Guardian and The Independent, who are trying to highlight the government’s actions and plans toward the NHS, haven’t yet (that I’ve seen) drawn together the various threads into one article to let people see the the scale of this ‘declaration of war’. So I’ll try to do it here.

I wrote a few days ago that I could see, from the way ‘Health Secretary’ Andrew Lansley (I put…

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