DWP refuses to provide information on ESA/IB deaths. What is it hiding?

This is a MUST READ blog post . Mike Sivier exposes the utter callousness of DWP ministers and their attitude to legitimate requests for information. about the number of deaths of sick and disabled people who have been found ‘fit for work’ by ATOS and in some cases been left with no means whatsoever of financial support. A crime against humanity is going on under our very noses here and Duncan Smith should not be allowed to get away with it any longer. Please read this and follow Mike’s example, as I am about to do, by sending your own FOI. Read the post for details. If we swamp the DWP with requests they surely must respond. PLEASE SHARE THIS AS WIDELY AS YOU CAN.

Vox Political

Once bitten, twice shy – the DWP has refused to release an update to its figures on the deaths of people in receipt of incapacity benefits (including Employment and Support Allowance).

Long-term readers may recall there was quite a stir last year when these figures were released, showing that around 73 people were dying every week after having been denied ESA or put in the work-related activity group.

This was more than twice as many as the previously-accepted figure of 32 people every week (which was still scandalous).

I received word of the cover-up last night, from Samuel Miller, the long-time friend of Vox Political who has been liaising with the United Nations about the Coalition government’s record on disability and incapacity benefits and the possibility that the Coalition is committing crimes against humanity.

“Just received word from the DWP that they will NOT release an update to

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