MP and peers bid for answers on Atos PIP contract

Once again the government have a chance to do something about ATOS on behalf of the people they’re supposed to represent. Will they blow it again? Lets hope not.

Street Democracy - where it should reach - Our Streets! Sunday, June 23rd This article was posted by Katharine Russell in on 21st June 2013 Re-blogged from Can’t pay won’t pay.


A disabled MP and members of the House of Lords are set to question the government this week over the award of a £184 million disability assessment contract to the controversial contractor Atos Healthcare. Disability News Service revealed last week that Atos had broken a series of promises that helped it win the contract to assess disabled people across London and the south of England for the new personal independence payment (PIP). The failure by Atos to fulfil those pledges means that many disabled people will have much further to travel to their assessment centres.

The disabled Liberal Democrat MP Stephen Lloyd said he would be writing to the Conservative work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith “seeking clarification and also asking him what penalties…

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