TUC launch Austerity Uncovered campaign today.

images (6)The TUC are launching a new campaign called Austerity Uncovered today. They describe it as ‘a nationwide tour, gathering the evidence to convict government policies. Austerity is hurting, but it isn’t working.’


Watch out for their tour bus displaying the logo, as shown above.

There are three separate tours running between 17 and 29 June, from the TUC, Wales TUC and Scottish TUC. They’re plotting events on an interactive map on their website so people can easily find something near to where they live.

Some of their events are quite small meetings with particular groups, which they’re having to keep closed so they can fit everyone in. The majority are public events though, including many drop-in events in town centres, and they’re encouraging people to go along if they’ve time to stop by.

They’re also asking people to upload their own particular stories of how austerity and benefit cuts have affected them or anyone they know. These stories will be displayed on their website and can be submitted anonymously if people prefer. They describe this as an evidence gathering exercise and intend to present their findings to government.

The campaign runs from today, 17th June, until 29th June.

More details can be found here




2 thoughts on “TUC launch Austerity Uncovered campaign today.

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