George Osborne, leader of the Wrecking Crew mk2

This analysis is spot on.The systematic neoliberal takeover has been going on since Thatcher and Reagan’s day and Blair did more than his fair share to advance the cause. Much of the thinking behind IDS’s welfare destruction is based on US neocon thinkers like Charles Murray who blamed all the UK’s problems on an ‘underclass’ characterised by absent fathers and teenage mothers.IDS’s Centre for Social Justice have been shaping his policies on this warped ideology since 2004. There’s a chilling article by David Harvey here which sums up the global picture

Think Left

I think we should be explicit… George Osborne is using neoclassical economic theory as a ‘blind’, in order to push through an ideological agenda.  It has nothing to do with creating an economic recovery.  Osborne wants to lock-in irreversible changes to the social and employment fabric of the UK.  He and his ilk, are not Conservatives in the classic sense of desiring to preserve the connections between the past and the present.  They are deliberately wrecking the UK economy (any new government will be faced with a shortfall in output of approximately 20% of GDP or £250+bn) but of course, any crisis is a money-making opportunity for the financial speculators, the corporations and the super-rich 0.003%.

If you want to know where, and what model, Osborne, Letwin, Maude et al are following.. look across the Atlantic at the US.  Osborne is known to be obsessed with American politics.  The Independent’s…

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