The REAL unemployment figs: 84k FEWER in employment

This is way beyond shocking, I had no idea things were this bad. Thanks to Steve for his hard work making sure the truth gets out there, because none of our politicians seem to have the courage to tell us. Just done some research into homelessness and this is also a growing national scandal. As well as record numbers of families in unsuitable temporary accommodation we now have over 2,300 people living rough on the streets, with almost a quarter of these in London. Its hard enough trying to get a job when you have a roof over your head but this becomes nigh on impossible when you’re sleeping in doorways and maybe having to spend long hours begging for a few pence. Read more about this here and share:-



The Office of National Statistics (ONS) published its latest employment figures this week. As usual, the government latched onto any remotely positive figure that it could spin as proof of its ‘economic competence’ and the rightness of its policies. As usual under this government, the good news wasn’t really very good, and the reality was far darker and far bleaker – enough so politically, but far, far more for the ordinary people affected.

The government claimed that unemployment fell by 5,000 on the previous month, and most of the media dutifully echoed the ‘good news’. But the figures don’t stand up.

For most of last year, I published an analysis of the latest employment figures every month. The sheer volume of other things to write about, and the need to preserve some tiny semblance of an ordinary life, meant that I let that lapse a few months ago. But the…

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2 thoughts on “The REAL unemployment figs: 84k FEWER in employment

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