New report: private NHS providers increase fraud risk, damage patients

Alongside the savage cuts to welfare benefits the underhanded privatisation of OUR health service is the most important issue on the political agenda. Cameron’s band of corrupt cronies have taken it far further than Thatcher ever dared to whilst simultaneously demoralising many thousands of the people who need it most. They can spout all the rhetoric about ‘efficiency’ and ‘better care’ they want but they can never get away from the fact that the single most basic underlying principle of any private enterprise is shareholder profit. And in the NHS that is at direct odds with its own principle of putting patients first. NO privatised healthcare system can reconcile these two opposing principles and this blog shows us which of those principles is certain to win out.
Please read it and share as widely as you can.


An independent health think-tank (which looks to be genuinely independent, unlike all those right-wing ‘independent’ groups that abuse charitable status for tax-breaks while plotting ways to impoverish us) has published a new report on the impact of increased use of profit-making providers in the NHS.

The CHPI (Centre for Health and the Public Interest) report warns

that the introduction of greater use of for profit providers of healthcare services as a result of the 2012 Health and Social Care Act is likely to substantially increase the amount of healthcare fraud in the NHS. This will result in less money for patient care when funds are already scarce in the NHS.

The authors of the report find

that the use of payment by results contracts with private providers in the new NHS market provides significant opportunities for fraudulent claims such as ‘upcoding’, whereby patients are categorised as having more severe conditions than they actually have in order to…

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